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Hurricane Sandy

I may not be in NYC anymore, but many of my friends and loved ones still are.  Luckily all those I care about are safe and sound.  The same cannot be said for many others.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many people in the NY metro area are without homes today.  Untold numbers are without power and still many more have no access to their homes due to flooding.

My prayers go out to all of them.  Having watched the news coverage and seen the destruction and flooding, my heart breaks.

But of course, this is an insurance blog, right?  So what would I be if not remiss, if I didn’t bring up… Flood insurance!

So many people that I talk to say things like, “I haven’t had a flood in 50 yrs, I’m not going to have one.”  Or “I don’t live near the water”

The fact is, you never know.  Many mortgage companies require flood insurance on new purchases, and if you live in a preferred zone, this year’s rates are approximately $417.00 per year.  That’s about $1.15 per day!

New York City’s subway system is under water, many homes and businesses are too.  What are the odds that all those homes and businesses had flood insurance?  Slim to none.  It saddens me to think how many people will not be able to repair or rebuild their homes.Image

This is Stuyvesant Town last night.


Bayside this morning, after the fires

So much damage.  Again, my prayers go out to all those affected.  Please be safe!


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