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Checking In

So much going on in the world today!  Good news and bad news compete for attention, and so often the bad news wins… 

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  So many people injured and maimed.  And sadly some lost their lives.  Many found themselves unlikely heroes that day, and are now receiving the recognition they definitely deserve.

ImageOn both a local and federal level, law enforcement went into overdrive, and within the week, those responsible were either killed or apprehended.  I applaud those involved in the manhunt on their thorough search and determination to find these men.Image

Now, on to happier news! My brain has been plenty full of work, work, work!  That means our company is prospering during these tough economic times, and that’s awesome!  During my off hours, i’m still working!  Just not on insurance.  

My best friend is getting married in 2015 and we’re in overdrive trying to make plans, find venues, decide on dress styles, schedule appointments… It seems like there are a thousand decisions to make!  Who knew all these details had to be ironed out so far in advance?? I’ve never been a Matron of Honor before.  This all seems like a vast maze, that I’m having some trouble navigating.  Not to mention the varied opinions of the wedding party.  All of whom, just want to help, and all of whom have completely different ideas!

One thing I do know, we’re getting Wedding Insurance!  So many variables, something is bound to go wrong, and I’m protecting my friend’s investment! 

If you are coming upon a big change in your life, like a wedding, be sure to look into insuring your investment against the unknown.  Anything can happen!  

Travelers Insurance offers a terrific product.  Talk to your Agent.  http://www.protectmywedding.com/



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