Solar Panels – Are they Covered?

I had a call today asking about Solar Panels. As a general rule of thumb: any improvements that increase the value of your home should be reported to your agent. Installing Solar Panels on the roof will be covered under Coverage A – Dwelling. If they’re in your yard, consider them Other Structures and they […]

No Basement coverage in your Flood Policy.

Today someone who is a friend but not a client told me about his unsatisfactory experience with FEMA and flood insurance.  His agent did not fully inform him about the lack of coverage below grade.  While it’s true that furnishings below the 1st floor are not covered, the homeowner’s policy does not cover any flood […]

Checking In

So much going on in the world today!  Good news and bad news compete for attention, and so often the bad news wins…  I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  So many people injured and maimed.  And sadly some lost their lives.  Many found themselves unlikely heroes that […]

Hurricane Sandy

I may not be in NYC anymore, but many of my friends and loved ones still are.  Luckily all those I care about are safe and sound.  The same cannot be said for many others.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many people in the NY metro area are without homes today.  Untold numbers are […]

Moving? Oh Boy!

As my moving day approaches, there’s so much to think about!  A big move like this is a logistical nighmare!  Relocating is difficult no matter how far you’re moving.  Packing, Unpacking, changing mailing addresses and making sure nothing’s left behind (especially those pesky bills!) I recently came a cross an article that dealt with Mover’s […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

I’d like to wish everyone out there in internet-land a happy and healthy 4th. Please be safe and aware of your surroundings. If you’re watching a firework show, have fun! But don’t put on any of your own! This week has a high incidence of fires, historically, due to improper use of fireworks. Fireworks can be dangerous, even deadly. They are illegal in NY State and we don’t want you to ruin your holiday!

Heat Safety – Use your head!

With yesterday and today topping off at about a hundred degrees here in the Northeast, how have you been keeping cool?  Especially for the very young, and the very old, being safe during the dog days of summer is very important.  But even those of us who land somewhere in the middle need to be […]