No Basement coverage in your Flood Policy.

Today someone who is a friend but not a client told me about his unsatisfactory experience with FEMA and flood insurance.  His agent did not fully inform him about the lack of coverage below grade.  While it’s true that furnishings below the 1st floor are not covered, the homeowner’s policy does not cover any flood […]

Hurricane Sandy

I may not be in NYC anymore, but many of my friends and loved ones still are.  Luckily all those I care about are safe and sound.  The same cannot be said for many others.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many people in the NY metro area are without homes today.  Untold numbers are […]

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 27-June 2)

This week is “Hurricane Preparedness Week”  Is your home protected in against windstorms and hurricanes?  As the Summer begins, it is important to review the safety measures we have in place and make ourselves aware of any weak points that need to be addressed.  Many policies have a 2% to 5% deductible for Hurricanes & […]

“I Don’t Live Near The Water” – Why YOU need Flood Insurance Anyway

Almost a year ago, this article made it clear to me why EVERYONE should have flood insurance. Even if you don’t live near the water… Even if you’ve never experienced a flood in your life. Nothing is impossible, and if you’re really not a high flood risk, the premium is CHEAP. It’s *totally* worth the expense, […]