Helpful Hints

Heat Safety – Use your head!

With yesterday and today topping off at about a hundred degrees here in the Northeast, how have you been keeping cool?  Especially for the very young, and the very old, being safe during the dog days of summer is very important.  But even those of us who land somewhere in the middle need to be […]

Storage Units: Are you covered?

Twice this week I had Storage Unit related questions.  and then I came across this article from Trusted Choice. What it boils down to is this: Your homeowner’s policy offers you worldwide coverage for your personal contents.  HOWEVER, items stored at a separate location are covered up to 10% of your total contents coverage. If […]

Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 27-June 2)

This week is “Hurricane Preparedness Week”  Is your home protected in against windstorms and hurricanes?  As the Summer begins, it is important to review the safety measures we have in place and make ourselves aware of any weak points that need to be addressed.  Many policies have a 2% to 5% deductible for Hurricanes & […]

Looks like we’re doing something right!

I may have previously mentioned that I work in Personal Lines.  What does that mean?  Auto, Home, Flood, Umbrella, Personal Articles…That kind of stuff. So today, there’s an article on about homeowner’s insurance. And ALL the suggestions they give to the average homeowner, are things we do EVERY year on renewal for EVERY one […]



The most AMAZING blog entry all about… You guessed it, Popsicles!  And they all look so amazing i can’t wait to try and make them! 

Umbrella Insurance – Protect your assets.

EVERYONE with assets, (of any kind) needs to have an umbrella policy! Imagine paying for a lawsuit for the rest of your life, and losing all your assets in the process. Scary. I recently ready this article in The NY Times.  I had previously struggled with finding ways to impart to our clients just how […]

Controlling Car In$urance

You may be frustrated with car insurance premiums and factors that may them creep upward, such as: Your insurance company’s overall loss experience (due to more claims) The increased value of newer model cars, particularly SUVs Increases in judgment amounts awarded in auto lawsuits Increased business processing and administrative expenses Auto loans lasting longer, meaning […]