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Hurricane Sandy

I may not be in NYC anymore, but many of my friends and loved ones still are.  Luckily all those I care about are safe and sound.  The same cannot be said for many others.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many people in the NY metro area are without homes today.  Untold numbers are […]

Looks like we’re doing something right!

I may have previously mentioned that I work in Personal Lines.  What does that mean?  Auto, Home, Flood, Umbrella, Personal Articles…That kind of stuff. So today, there’s an article on CNN.com about homeowner’s insurance. And ALL the suggestions they give to the average homeowner, are things we do EVERY year on renewal for EVERY one […]

Umbrella Insurance – Protect your assets.

EVERYONE with assets, (of any kind) needs to have an umbrella policy! Imagine paying for a lawsuit for the rest of your life, and losing all your assets in the process. Scary. I recently ready this article in The NY Times.  I had previously struggled with finding ways to impart to our clients just how […]

“I Don’t Live Near The Water” – Why YOU need Flood Insurance Anyway

Almost a year ago, this article made it clear to me why EVERYONE should have flood insurance. Even if you don’t live near the water… Even if you’ve never experienced a flood in your life. Nothing is impossible, and if you’re really not a high flood risk, the premium is CHEAP. It’s *totally* worth the expense, […]